North America

This is where you will link books you have read that relate to North America.
If you are reading 3 books for the United States, try to make them all from different states.


Anonymous said...

Ouch, can't help being offended by the reference to Canada. I offered the correction years before, Kerrie and would be grateful if you snipped that bit. Canada has always been one of the three countries comprising the North American continent! Okay, I'll try to calm down and breathe.

Kerrie said...

Adjustments made Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Relieved beyond measure. I knew someone so far away couldn't guess how that sounds to Canadian members, so I bravely asked if you'd mind. You're a sweetheart! Xoxo. Already filling the review pages and like every year, you urge me to read South American in a way that no one else succeeds at doing. :-)